Best Ever Chocolate Bundt Cake

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Best Ever Chocolate Bundt Cake- No one will guess this cake starts with a cake mix. It is rich, dense, and packed with chocolate flavor. It really is the best ever!!

I love making cakes from scratch, but sometimes we all need a shortcut. Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake, Turtle Layer Cake, and Fudgy Grasshopper Cake are other yummy recipes that start with a cake mix.

best ever chocolate bundt cake recipe

I love making Bundt Cakes. They look so fancy, but there is no tricky layering involved. Am I the only one who has a hard time making layer cakes?

This is my favorite chocolate bundt cake recipe ever! It is dense and moist and oh so chocolaty. You can just sprinkle it with powdered sugar, but I always make chocolate frosting. I am a sinner that way. 🙂

slice of Chocolate Bundt Cake on a red plate

Sadly, um, I mean fortunately, this cake is just as good the next day. I try to share it so I don’t have any leftovers tempting me all throughout the next day. Because a girl can only resist chocolate for so long.

See how moist and yummy that looks? I’ve gotta go grab a fork. 🙂

slice of chocolate bundt cake on a plate with a fork

How to make Chocolate Bundt Cake:


Spray a 12 cup Bundt Pan with Baker’s Joy. Beat first six ingredients till smooth, stir in chocolate chips. Pour into prepared pan. Bake at 350° for about 45-50 minutes. Cool completely. Frost with chocolate frosting or dust with powdered sugar.

How to store chocolate bundt cake:

-You can store this bundt cake on the counter for two to three days if it is covered. I have a few cake stands with high domes, and that is how I store mine. 

best ever chocolate bundt cake recipe collage

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Chocolate Bundt Cake Recipe

Yield: 16 servings

Best Ever Chocolate Bundt Cake

Best Ever Chocolate Bundt Cake
Most and decadent chocolate Bundt cake that starts with a cake mix.
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 50 minutes
Total Time 1 hour



  1. Spray a 12 cup Bundt pan with Baker's Joy. Set aside
  2. Beat first six ingredients in a large mixing bowl till smooth, stir in chocolate chips.
  3. Pour batter into prepared pan. Bake at 350° for about 45-50 minutes.
  4. Cool completely. Frost with chocolate frosting or dust with powdered sugar.


—I have used both light and fat free sour cream for this recipe, and they work just fine.

—For best results when using a bundt cake pan, always use shortening or Bakers Joy to grease it. Pam does not work as well, and neither does vegetable oil. I have never had a cake stick when I have used Baker's Joy or the shortening/flour method.

—You can also add chopped nuts to the cake if you so desire.

Nutrition Information:



Serving Size:


Amount Per Serving: Calories: 201 Total Fat: 16g Saturated Fat: 5g Trans Fat: 0g Unsaturated Fat: 10g Cholesterol: 55mg Sodium: 57mg Carbohydrates: 14g Fiber: 1g Sugar: 10g Protein: 3g


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  1. YUM! Looks like my kind of recipe! Thanks Kara!

  2. Laura Reese says:

    Wow this chocolate cake looks so amazing! It is also beautiful in a bundt cake.

  3. Love this! So moist and chocolatey.

  4. Valentina says:

    Amazing Chocolate Bundt cake recipe!

  5. Absolutely amazing!! Thank you for sharing this recipe 🙂

  6. Your recipe calls for a 3 oz. box of instant chocolate pudding. My instant pudding is 3.9 oz. In fact, all the pudding boxes I have say 3.9 oz. Has the company changed the amount in each pudding box or what? I have company coming over this evening and I don’t want to mess this up. Maybe I should try something else this time. I noticed you asked one person who had a flop if they used the exact ingredients so I guess it’s pretty important to do that.

    • Where I live, different brands of pudding sometimes have different sized boxes. As long as you use the small box (3-3.9 ounces) instead of the larger boxes with 5 ounces, you’ll be fine!

  7. Could I make mini bunds with this? How many & how long would I bake them?

    • I’m sure they would work in mini bundt pans. I’m not sure how many it would make, it depends on the size of the mini pans. I would think they would take about as long as cupcakes do. I’d say 15-20 minutes, but again, it depends on the size of the pans. Good luck!

  8. Rhonda Maner Owens says:

    I made this cake today and it is wonderful! I added miniature chocolate chips and a cup of chopped pecans. I Added a tablespoon of flour to the chocolate chips and tossed to coat before I added to the cake mixture hopping it would help prevent them from sinking to the bottom. The chips seem to be well distributed throughout the cake. This recipe is a keeper!

  9. This has been my recipe for 30+ years, passed down by my mum. Only difference, I use a box of brand name (vs a no name) devil’s food chocolate cake mix vs. Regular chocolate cake mix and I beat the batter for 6 minutes before adding chocolate chips. I’m in Alberta, CA, and we are quite dry here, have had some challenges making in Michigan with increased humidity. Also, very important not to add more than the 3 Oz of pudding mix. Has won me first place in several baking competitions and a staple birthday cake for my husband 🙂

  10. Followed success for me. Epic fail. Chocolate chips all sank to bottom of pan and stuck there like a messy goop, while the actual cake was bland and had no sweetness to it. Bummed I was hoping it would come out wonderful but no luck for me. Maybe next time!

  11. Tina Penn says:

    I will like to try this cake, looks yummy. I have been making a similar chocolate cake but it did not have the sour cream in it.
    I use the Mini Chips it ust taste better,
    For the Fosting I Use large container of Heavy Whip cream, 1 pkg chocolate instant pudding and 1/2 cup whole milk.

    Will Try Kara’s cake, with mini chips and my chocolate frostin listed above

  12. How did make your frosting

  13. My cake didn’t come out anything like the one in this pic. The chocolate chips never melted, it looks like a big fat chocolate chip cookie with a hole in the middle. With a very goowie bottom. Taste pretty good though.

    • Sorry your cake didn’t turn out as pictured. I’ve made it dozens of times with perfect results every time. Did you use the exact ingredients, or did you use substitutions? Hopefully we can figure out what went wrong. 🙁

  14. Jan Weeiner Dogs Rule says:

    This is the best cake ever!

  15. Oh this looks like one big-o chocolate donut but better!

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