Copycat Red Lobster Biscuits

If you have never tried Red Lobster Biscuits, you are missing out. I don’t eat at Red Lobster very often, but my very favorite thing there is definitely the cheddar biscuits! They bring them out in a little basket before your order arrives. Holey smokes they are good! My husband and I ate there a […]

Monterey Chicken– Chili’s Knock-Off Recipe

If you love the Monterey Chicken at Chili’s restaurant, you have to try this knock off recipe. It’s fast, easy, and delicious! I feel like it’s been forever since I shared a dinner recipe. We eat pretty basic in the summer. Easy meals, and lots of BBQ’s. Not a lot to share in the main […]

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Restaurant Recipe–Magelby’s Parmesan Garlic Rolls

OK, here is the roll recipe that I promised you. Hopefully I didn’t make you wait too long. I wouldn’t want anyone to loose sleep dreaming about food. Oh wait, maybe that only happens to me. 😉 There is a restaurant in Utah called Magleby’s Fresh. All of their baked goods are homemade, and they […]

Diner Style Pancakes

I found the recipe for these Diner Style Pancakes on the King Arthur Flour website. I was intrigued when I saw that the recipe calls for malt, like the kind you use for malted milkshakes. They said that many restaurants use malt instead of sugar in their pancakes. I happened to have some in my pantry, […]

Restaurant recipe-Pizza Factory breadsticks

If you live in Utah, chances are that you have eaten at the Pizza Factory. I’m not a huge fan of their pizza, but their breadsticks are TO DIE FOR! They wrap them around a dowel stick before they bake them so they are really fun to eat. They also have an amazing flavor. Every […]

Crock Pot Cafe Rio Pork

Today is my 15th anniversary. My awesome hubbie set up a vacation to Hawaii, so I will be taking a little blogging break. I will probably go through withdrawals, I’ve never been away from my blogging friends for so long. Although, being in Hawaii will probably ease my pain just a little. 😉 I have […]

Macaroni Grill Rosemary Bread

Are you a fly by the seat of your pants cook, or do you plan out your weekly menus? I admit that I am a menu planner. Partly because I thrive on organization and partly because it is a 15 minute drive to the grocery store. No last minute running to the store because I […]

Zuppa Tuscana Soup- Olive Garden at Home!

Whew, the last two days have been busy. Yesterday we had parent teacher conferences, one basketball practice, three basketball games, and a science fair project to finish. So far today we’ve had Dad’s and Doughnuts at the school, the science fair, house cleaning from top to bottom and 8 loads of laundry. In the middle […]