Brookies: Brownies plus chocolate chip cookies. All rolled together in one spectacular treat that will make your mouth happy. Cookies are a yummy treat. Brownies are a yummy treat. Put them together into one treat and you just might explode. Just kidding. Do I have your attention now? Seriously, these cookies taste A-mazing! Plus they look […]

Flashback Friday- Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea

Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea

School is starting to wind down. (Hallelujah, I love summer break!) Since there’s only a few weeks left, I know most of us with kiddos are starting to think about gifts we can give to the teachers that have been teaching and nurturing our children for the last nine months. This gift is one of […]

Mini Faux Cupcake Place Holders {Birthday Decorations}

Mini Cupcake Birthday Party Place Holders

These Mini Cupcake Place Holders make such easy birthday party decorations- and they’re crumb and calorie free! If you were paying attention last month, I announced that I am now on the FloraCraft® team. It is so fun getting those boxes of craft supplies in the mail! In addition to the free supplies, I was also compensated […]

Au Gratin Potatoes

Au Gratin Potatoes are a delicious side dish any time of year!

Au Gratin Potatoes- Tender slices of potato surrounded by creamy cheese sauce. A perfect side dish to any meal. Potatoes. If there was a popularity contest for vegetables, I’m pretty sure potatoes would win. Is there anyone who doesn’t like them? Even the pickiest eaters I’ve ever heard of (that thankfully don’t reside at my […]

Flashback Friday- Creamy Chicken Pasta with Bacon and Ranch

Chicken Ranch Pasta with Bacon- creamy, flavorful, and easy to make!

I posted this chicken pasta recipe many years ago, and it has not gotten the attention it deserves, so I had to give it the spotlight. I mean come on, chicken with bacon and ranch? Both flavors are delicious, but put them together and you have something over the top amazing!  Plus this meal can […]

Fabric Composition Notebook Cover Tutorial

How to make fabric covers for composition notebooks. Makes a great gift!

These Composition Notebook Covers are so pretty, they even make to-do lists a little more fun to write! I am a list writer. I write lists for everything. I make a to-do list every day. Truth be told, sometimes I will write things on my list that I have already done, just so I can […]

Small Failures, But a Big Success {and Happy News!}

I usually post yummy recipes and pretty projects. I don’t often speak about what’s going on in my life. But today I thought I’d share a few ups and downs that I’ve been going through. Life is full of surprises. Full of failures. Full of successes. I’ve learned that if I keep going, even if […]

Flashback Friday- Breakfast Hash

Recipe for breakfast casserole with hash-browns and sausage.

This week I am featuring a breakfast recipe that is an ultimate family favorite. And when I say favorite, I mean that my kids would eat this Breakfast Hash multiple times a week if I would let them. They would eat it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner with no complaints. Especially the 16 year old. […]