Favorite Recipes from 2013

Well, the year is coming to a close. In keeping with past tradition, I thought I’d share a list of some of my favorite recipe posts from the past 12 months. If you missed them the first time around, hopefully you’ll give them a try this time. And as always, if you like them, I appreciate it when you pin and share them!

Favorite Recipes from Creations by Kara in 2013

Easy Cherry Turnovers
If I would have known how easy turnovers are to make at home, I would have started years ago! But on second thought, these are so good that maybe it’s a good thing I’ve been in the dark for so long. 😉
cherry-turnoversCrock Pot BBQ Pork Ribs
I tried a few new crock pot recipes that didn’t make the cut, but this one is definitely a winner. It’s the first BBQ crock pot recipe I’ve tried that actually leaves you with a thick sauce at the end instead of a watered down mess. And it’s tasty!
crock-pot-ribsEaster Cupcakes
We had lots of fun decorating Easter cupcakes this year. We also make chicks and nests, but these bunnies were my favorite. They turned out so cute that I almost wanted to use them to decorate my mantel. But that would be weird, even for me, so we ate them. 🙂
easter-cupcakesRoasted Potatoes
One simple step in this recipe makes these the best roasted potatoes ever!
roasted-potatoes-recipeLime Sweet Rolls
I had a lot of fun trying out new sweet roll recipes this year, and it was tough coming up with a favorite. But these lime rolls are so fresh, yummy, and sunshine-y, that they top the list by a slight margin.
favorite-recipe-lime-rollsBlueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream
I am a sucker for homemade ice cream, and this one of the best bowls of ice cream I’ve ever eaten in my life. And that’s saying a lot!
favorite-recipe-ice-creamChicken Cordon Bleu Bread Bowls
This chicken recipe takes a little time to make, but oh my gosh is it amazing! Every bite is mouthwateringly delicious!
favorite-chicken-recipeLight and Fluffy Biscuits
This might be my boys’ favorite recipe from the year. They love these biscuits so much that they actually learned how to make them on their own. (Oh happy day!) It is super convenient that they can be frozen and baked later!
fluffy-biscuit-recipeCinnamon Swirl Bread
Um yes, this bread tastes as good as it looks. It is killer warm from the oven!
bread-recipeOld Fashioned Peanut Butter Cookies
Over the years I’ve tried many peanut butter cookie recipes, but this one remains a favorite at our house. I have a bag of them in my freezer right now. They are awesome!
favorite-recipes-cookiesChocolate Mint Truffle Cookies
I love chocolate and mint together, so I came up with this cookie recipe to fill my craving. They melt in your mouth and are oh so yummy!

There you have it, some of my favorite recipes from the past 12 months. Did you happen to give any of them a try? If so, let me know how you liked them!


  1. Hi Kara-
    We made all three of your Easter cupcakes and they were the cutest! I couldn’t pick a favorite. I’m excited to try the turnovers and lime sweet rolls soon. Thanks for the great recipes and projects!

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